SimCity Creator


AKI Corporation


Electronic Arts


Nintendo, EA Distribution


DS, Wii*

Release date(s)

March 19, 2008 (Japan), September 22, 2008 (North America), September 25, 2008 (Australia), September 26, 2008 (Europe)

DS BoxArt

Box Art for SimCity Creator in North America

SimCity Creator is a video game that has been released on two consoles: DS and Wii.

Summary Edit

SimCity Creator is a game where the player begins by building a city in the Dawn of Civilization. This is the first "era" of the game. As the number of citizens in the players city rises, the player has the option to progress to the next era.

Game Play Edit

SimCity Creator DS is built on the same engine as SimCity DS. The gameplay remains very similar to the latter, with a newer concept of food being introduced for the first two eras of the game, and a wood system that slowly builds over time that replaces the money system in the Dawn of Civilization.

As in basic SimCity format, the game has a tile-based system. The player places "Zones" which over time grow into buildings as Sims move into the city. In order to zone an area on the players map, the player must have a certain amount of money. Once a zone has been placed, the player must have the necessary items needed for the zone to develop (Food in the Ancient and Medieval eras, Electricity and Water in every era above). There are 3 main types of zones: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Residential zones are where Sims live. Commercial zones are shops and businesses where the Sims work. Industrial zones are factories where Sims produce the items that are sold in shops.

Eras and Sub-Eras Edit

There are three main Eras in SimCity Creator. Each Era except Dawn of Civilization have Sub-Eras

Dawn of CivilizationEdit

"Noted for the simple wooden construction of all it's buildings"~Gallery Description
Dawn of Civilization is the first era the game follows. In this era Sims have just begun to settle into civilizations. Most notable to this era is the use of wood as currency. The more Sims that are in the city, the more wood will be used (and ultimately become available to the player) each month. Wood is required to zone tiles in this era. In order for zones to develop, food must be supplied to the residential tiles the player lays.

This era begins with 5 food sources for the Sims to use; However, the food sources run out after a while. When this occurs Maxis will call the player to the Mayors Office and tell him/her that the food source has run out. He will explain that the Sims will now need fields to produce food. Farms will now be available to build.

The ultimate goal of this era is to get 20,000 Sims to come to your city. This will allow you to progress to the next era, the Medieval Era.

Medieval Era Edit

The Medieval Era has two Sub-Eras to it.

Open Asia Age Edit

"An Eastern jewel famed for the beauty of it's wood and tile building"~Gallery Description
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